About: weRDunfo

weRDunfo is the business/community that revolves around a concept I considered some years ago while trying to embody my vision for making a livelihood and supporting others to do the same.  That vision is one of embracing honesty, or allowing yourself to be exactly who you are and discovering how that can enrich your life.

The name is a bit of a funny way of saying “we are done for.” It fit my last name “Dunford” rather well and I found it also suited my personality and interests.  Much of the things I like are a bit old, sometimes even obsolete.  That and birds, I’ve always liked birds for one reason or another. Because of that I put the two concepts together and used the Dodo bird as my sort of mascot or symbol.

My main persuasion or skill is making things.  But over time I’ve come to understand that you don’t necessarily need physical material to make things.  Mere thought and word can be a medium.  As a result I sort of dabble in a little bit of everything, because there is something to learn from everything, and learning further increases my capacity to make things.

I hope this cycle of learning, and making, and learning from what I make, serves as a bit of a vehicle to provide you with info and insights that serve and help you as you go about your own paths.  If anything I hope you enjoy following along on my little adventures.


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